Kathleen - RVT

Kathleen, RVT

Kathleen always knew exactly what she wanted as a career – ANIMAL HEALTH!  Straight out of high school, she attended NAIT and became an Animal Health Technologist.  

Kathleen has called Fort McMurray home for over 12 years with many more to come.  When Thickwood Veterinary Clinic was closing in 2015, she joined our WBSAH Team – and I love every minute of it!  

Although Kathleen loves all aspects of her job, pet nutrition is her passion. 

“Food is love and food is fuel; sometimes we forget how important food is to our own health.”

  • Kathleen

Kathleen spends her spare time keeping her rescue Frenchie fit and happy with a good health regime of diet and exercise! His weight loss journey has impacted his health in such a positive way – ‘walkies’ are much more enjoyable for him now.